Process Hazards Management

This course is intended for safety professionals responsible for safety and fire protection of petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical facilities. Instructors for each topic will be experts in that field, selected from Quest personnel.

This course provides extensive training in Process Hazards Management through loss prevention, process design safety, Process Hazard Analysis, Consequence Modeling, Quantitative Risk Analysis, and loss control. Group discussions and workshops are used extensively to enable course participants to interact with one another and Quest personnel.

Course participants will have ready access to Quest’s Consequence Analysis software models. In addition to using this software for solving assigned problems, participants will be allowed to examine accidental releases of their own choosing.

Throughout the process hazards management course, attendees will participate in several class exercises and workshops. These activities provide an opportunity for course attendees to take concepts and techniques from the course and apply them to real-world situations. They also provide a forum in which the attendees learn from each other as they share their ideas and experiences. This hands-on approach is designed to make the attendees more confident and encourage them to become active and productive participants of project teams or similar working groups within their own companies.


Course Contents
  • Properties, Characteristics, and Hazards of Hazardous Fluids
  • Consequence Analysis Methods
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Passive and Active Hazard Mitigation Systems
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Methodology

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