Safety Case

Quest assists companies with developing Safety Cases. The intent of the Safety Case is to demonstrate that the facility has provided the necessary means to prevent, control, and limit the hazards that could potentially result from major accidents.

Although the content and format of a Safety Case may vary slightly from project to project or from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the major components can include:

  • Site, installation, and process descriptions
  • Identification of site management systems
  • Areas of major accident hazards
  • Description of hazards and risk
  • Accident scenarios, consequences and severity of accidents
  • Risk analysis methodology (quantitative) and accident parameters
  • Safety of installation and equipment
  • Protection afforded: Management control and risk management
  • Emergency issues: Alert and intervention

Quest can assist with the safety case process by coordinating the entire effort, providing Consequence Modeling or Risk Assessment services, or by conducting Siting Studies.

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