Software for Risk Assessment

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Quest uses a number of software packages to perform its process safety and risk assessment services. Quest engineers developed many of these tools, utilizing them and other industry standard software packages for various components of the modeling process.


Consequence Analysis: CANARY by Quest

CANARY by Quest provides Consequence Analysis for releases of hazardous fluids. This software package is a necessary tool in performing QRAs and siting studies. Studies prepared with CANARY have been presented to and approved by governments and regulatory agencies around the world.

CANARY Features

  • Multicomponent Thermodynamics
  • Phase Validation
  • Liquid, Vapor, and Two-phase Transient Releases
  • Transient Pool Vaporization
  • Vapor Dispersion
  • Pool Fires
  • Jet Fires
  • Explosions
  • BLEVEs

Risk Analysis: CANARY+

Quest developed CANARY+ as an in-house tool to work in conjunction with CANARY in performing quantitative risk analyses.  These studies produce several measures of risk, depending on the particular study. Read more→


Third-party software packages


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Quest provides Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) package. Read more→

HAZOP Manager

HAZOP Manager is a flexible software solution for scribing PHA studies. Actions are easily managed and can be exported to a word processor or spreadsheet program. Read more→

Other Software

Quest maintains and extensive suite of modeling software ranging from public domain models such as SLAB and DEGADIS to models developed in-house for specific applications such as sour water and aqueous ammonia releases and dispersion. Project-specific models are also developed in-house when necessary (e.g., HF/additive applications).